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Why hiring out your spare workspace is the perfect solution in a post Covid-19 economy.

Income Stream by Renting Spare Work Space

Are you a business owner with a workplace that seems to have more empty spaces than ever before? Do you have a spare workspace or empty office rooms that are now filled with silence? A commercial kitchen that isn’t cooking up the heat as it once did. Or an empty desk, chair or bench that is well equipped for a specific purpose but now sees little use?

Read on to discover how you can make better use of your empty business space at work. And learn how to connect with people who need exactly what you have too much of!


It’s a common story shared between business owners, as they wait in the coffee pick up line. While the effect of Covid-19 lockdowns continues to ripple through many businesses and industries, the trending outcome of it all seems to be empty space.

As one who believes opportunity is always knocking (even during times of adversity) we’re excited to share a way for you to connect with people who need what you have.

Get your empty rooms working for you again

Turn your empty space from a liability into an asset by hiring it out. Simple. Increase income by finding a new purpose for this under-used asset – your spare workspace.

It starts by hiring out that space that sits idle each day or week. A space with some value-add use potential that can be used in different ways by different people. 

But we are not only thinking about office rooms. So many new income earning opportunities are being found in the most obvious places. This is just a small list of spaces being used to bring in more revenue:

  • commercial kitchens
  • warehouses
  • sound studios
  • video and photography setups
  • even empty chairs in salons and day spas 

We’re not suggesting long-term leases either. That is way too hard. And in our currently unpredictable environment a tad too risky for most. But SHORT-TERM hires on an hourly or daily basis – now that is much easier to manage!

Provide new opportunities for those hit hard

The opportunity to generate a new stream of income for yourself is a no brainer. It’s the perfect solution in today’s post Covid-19 economy. Where small businesses are feeling the squeeze by rent hikes. Where individuals are reeling after layoffs caused by restructuring during the downturn.

Your empty space is the unexpected opportunity people around you need to get back on their feet! So they can keep on using their skills; to keep on serving their people; to show up and start something new; and for some, to keep on growing and expanding.

Why not offer up your spare business space as an opportunity? You will generate income while giving others access they otherwise would not have! 

What types of spaces and purposes are we seeing businesses hire out?

  • A large space that offers social distancing room.
    It’s going to be a long while before we see large scale industry expos and conferences again. Connect with people who want to fill that gap by delivering smaller events. They can hire out your larger space and create a mini conference closer to where they live or work, negating the need to travel.  
  • A space suited to training rooms and meeting rooms.
    National chains like McDonalds are offering this service. But so too could your local funeral service headquarters or corner store! Community centers that haven’t returned full swing can hire out rooms for training seminars and workshops. A home-based operator can use a simple yet professional space for one-to-one consultations.
  • A spare chair in your salon that can help someone startup or expand.
    How many hair salons have every chair filled with a customer every hour of the day? Clever management could see you hiring chair space to a fellow hairdresser. There’s often someone looking to start up but doesn’t have the equipment needed. This could see you earn more from that chair than its current occupancy rate.
  • An under-used commercial kitchen that a home-based baker, cookie or cake maker can use to expand their business.
    Council regulations can make it difficult for our much loved home-based cake makers to make a go of it. But if you’re the owner of a commercial kitchen consider helping them expand their cake making empire. Commercial kitchens sit in unexpected places like churches, community halls and sports clubs. What a great way for local clubs to raise more funds.

    There’s no better way, than for someone with too much space and not enough demand to hire it out for short-term usage. 
Hire a chair in a hair salon
  • A video or photography space that others can use to create their own promo videos or product photos.
    Spare workspace includes home based businesses eg. a video or photography studio that’s not being used. We’ve seen a massive growth in online stores launching through Covid. You know that means an increased demand for quality product photos. Hire out your studio to local entrepreneurs and add on “Better Product Photography” training workshops as well.

    There has also been an increase in the development of online training programs. That brings with it the need for quality film spaces –  even if they DIY.
  • An office with spare desks.
    You can also offer up co-working spaces to those who aren’t 100% sold on the whole “work from home” thing. They are craving the presence of more humans too.
Photography studio as spare workspace

That list is only the tip of the iceberg. Spare workspace, business space, work from home space includes warehouses, vacant retail or industrial locations, storage facilities, even car parking lots. The future will surely bring even more ways a business could make use of the extra workspace you have on offer. Don’t wait too long before getting started.

Where can you find someone who would rent your business space? 

Check out these way for finding people who are looking for space to rent near you: 

Short term hire of your empty office and spare workspaces is a Win-Win

Short term hire of your spare workspace is a way of creating new opportunities in your business.  The best part? You will also be contributing to and supporting the growth of others during a time of uncertainty.

Interested in learning more about space-sharing? Contact us today on +61 491 477 317 for information or SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE ACCOUNT on SpareBizSpace

Note: For a complete guide and more tips like this follow @sparebizspace across social media channels. (Remember to say hi!)

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