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7 Ways to make your workshop training room more impressive and inviting for small groups and networking meetups

workshop training rooms

Hands up who hasn’t been to a workshop training room that is as bland as the inside of a cereal box. We all know that our surroundings play a crucial role in our learning success, productivity and mood. When it comes to creating fun and effective learning environments why do most training spaces fall through the cracks? In addition, if you are hiring out your space for business workshops, training sessions or networking groups, wouldn’t you want it to stand out from a ho-hum crowd. Yes – you DO! 

It is time for your spare business space to become the inspiring space of choice within your local network. Today we’re going to help you give it some pizazz. Bland will be a thing of the past. Let’s transform your space it into the “must hire”, “must visit” space it is crying out to become.

workshop training room layout

To help you we have thought up 5 easy to implement ways to make your space more inviting and impressive. Incorporate these and watch the magic happen.

1. Mix up the training room layout and leave the bored-room behind

Typical workshop and training room layouts can be boring. And sometimes, that can make for a boring learning experience. The typical room layouts are U-shape, herringbone, boardroom and classroom style. But don’t they sound like the same old rows of tables and chairs we’ve known since high school. Consider spicing up your space by providing bean bags, lounge chairs, standing tables and bar stools.

We understand – sometimes tables and chairs in rows are just the way it has to be. However, try mixing it up with a scattering of large boho-style rugs and cushions around the edges of the room. This will create time-out spaces for times of personal study and focus. Or you could scatter bean bags together for small group breakout sessions.

Be creative with your space to make it more inviting, and less like a classroom.

2. Create a memorable experience that engages the mind and memory

memorable and engaging workshop seminars

Training and workshops are most often serious business. Even then, most people learn best when it is filled with memorable moments, engaging interaction and a bit of fun. Think about how you can help create a memorable experience within your space. It could be as simple as some quirky Ikea inspired decor or colourful walls with interesting artworks. 

Think about how you can support the other people and businesses in your community. Perhaps you could feature the works of local artists, showcase the products of an emerging business or provide a space that local schools can fill with their own creations.

3. Create an Insta worthy spot within your workshop training room and make it snappable

By creating a small area either in your space for hire (or very close to it) that is quirky, beautiful or inspirational you have an Insta worthy space that will work wonders. We have become a visually hungry society. So, it’s no secret that once the Insta word is out about your photo worthy location, people will travel just to see it and snap a photo. 

Consider incorporating elements of your brand within your Insta Spot, then your location and business will certainly get an added boost to its profile and brand awareness. Remember to have signs or reminders around that mention your location and business hashtags. After all, being tagged in other people’s and business’ posts is free advertising.

Instaworthy training rooms

The market for instagrammable spaces is booming, so many businesses and locations still haven’t taken up the challenge.  It is an often missed opportunity to make a space special, unique and authentic.

Here are some basic tips on how to create an Insta worthy space:
  • photo worthy display (using yours or local business product displays)
  • tastefully arranged furniture or merchandise
  • a fun quote stencilled on a wall
  • a local artist’s mural or street art on a wall
  • kitsch decor that takes you back to a different era
  • it must have good lighting, preferably natural light
  • purchase photography props
  • themed spaces that you might change up month or seasonally

The important thing to remember, is to create a visually interesting, unique space that offers something new and exciting to your visitors.

4. A first class concierge creates a lasting impression

Who doesn’t enjoy the specialised attention of a well presented, first-class-in-service  concierge? Imagine the testimonies and reviews you would receive if your business could have someone available to act as an attendant, to meet and greet visitors. The right personality for your business brand would help lift the experience of hiring your space to the next level.

The role of a concierge could be to:
  • help break the ice for visitors by making introductions
  • inform each visitor of the events agenda
  • indicate the location of essentials like toilets, tea/coffee, lunch options
  • point out nearby places of interest
  • get involved in the Insta worthy moments
  • improve morale and lift spirits as the day draws on

Simply offering a first class experience of exceptional service with a smile can make for a memorable day of training and networking.

5. Create ambience with lighting and music

Set the mood with the right lighting and music. This can be in support of your business brand or to suit the style of event or group hiring your room. Creating the right atmosphere can set the tone for your guests and establish the right mood needed for the rest of the day. 

The right choice of lighting in your workshop training room really can make the difference between a stuffy room and an inviting setting. Wherever possible, natural lighting is best. Take advantage of every window available.

When hosting a workshop or training session the lighting should be bright enough for attendees to see their work. But not so glaring that it distracts participants from focusing on what they’re doing.

6. Win fans through a small investment in the coffee culture experience

A fairly decent coffee machine is not a huge investment today. The coffee culture is here to stay and has created many coffee aficionados. Having a coffee space that is more than a kettle or urn is a simple way to stand out. If you have a local business that roasts its own blend then partnering with them would make a handy strategic alliance.

Outdoor training retreats

7. Create an outdoor retreat to reflect and recharge

By the time lunch break arrives most people want to escape that bland cereal box for a breath of fresh air and a chance to reflect and recharge. Given, if your training space has put into practice those steps above, then that need to escape your space probably won’t be so urgent. Still, a nice place to sit down in green spaces, breathe in the fresh air, and mingle with other participants is an absolute treat and an added bonus for most training room hirers. 

If your short-term hire venue has the opportunity to create an outdoor retreat like this, then definitely consider including it in your room hire package.

To create a special outdoor retreat consider:
  • greenery – fake it if you can’t make it
  • outdoor rugs and scatter cushions – for the grounded
  • areas of shade – either natural or by umbrella
  • wind chimes or trickling water fountains – to create relaxing vibes
  • the outdoor essentials – tables, chairs and rubbish bins

And if you didn’t have the space or best lighting to make an Insta worthy spot inside, then your outdoor retreat can be set up to achieve the same delight. All it takes is some inspiring patterns, prints, colours, fairy lights, pots and plants. 

More and more organizers are looking at their venue as a way to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences. A training room full of light, color, and texture will prove more inspiring than a bland, windowless meeting room.

Our encouragement to you, is to provide an innovative workspace that fosters creativity and productivity. Strive to create a space where people can come together, work hard, innovate and collaborate.

But if you do this really, really well then you will also create opportunities for your own business and its space for hire to receive free advertising and online referrals.

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25 Tip to Transform your workshop training room

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