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The Shared Economy

Shared economy within the workspace environment has become more and more apparent in recent months, fast tracked as a result of the pandemic.

We are no strangers to the concept of “share economy” with companies Airbnb and Uber taking center stage and disrupting the market. Spare Biz Space has also entered the market and offers a place for people to hire out short term office or commercial spaces.

We have seen most of the country turn their homes into office spaces. 2020 has had an influx of ‘how to work from home’ office guides, best practices, and checklists. Zoom has also become the new norm. Aussie businesses have seen how working from home benefits the well-being of their employees which has evidently increased productivity.

We believe that businesses will use this opportunity to downsize their current office spaces and allow their employees to work from home. This will mean more spaces will sit unused. Spare Biz Space is offering a way for businesses to monetize this opportunity.

You list your space with no long-term commitments. People hire a space with no long-term commitments.

Have you ever considered how the shared economy impacts you or your business and how you can use this as an opportunity to earn another stream of income?

If you are interested to learn more about what Spare Biz Space does or how we can benefit your business, please go to our contact us page at

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