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Making extra $ from your spare space

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Making extra $ from your spare space

For many work places there is either not enough room for everyone to gather around for the all important weekly meetings or there is a large space with only a few people taking up the space.

It happens every day. The boss calls a meeting but when you get to the room there are not enough chairs, or else there are only two of you in a big space.

Getting the right mix of meeting-room sizes has become a conundrum for office tenants and their landlords.

In this new age of activity-based working, we have “hot desking”, taking into account co working spaces and spare office desks. The size of a meeting room is now a serious matter. Adding to this is the fact that more and more people are working from home.  This in itself is causing the need for the hiring of the occasional boardroom or quite office, for a confidential meeting with a potential client. Or hiring out your spare boardroom


If your office or workspace has the extra room, then you could be making extra $ by hiring it out – even if you have a boardroom and only use it for the weekly or monthly meeting.  There may be another businesses nearby that would love to hire your boardroom for their weekly meeting, where they are generally squashed in as theirs isn’t enough room.

It could even be a yard or shed – similar to how people agistment their land for horses or cows – you could be hiring out your shed or land to a business as storage for caravans, cars etc to complete a one-off out of the box project.

This can also work for a spare room that you may like to hire out for professional meetings rather than renting it out to someone as a place to live.  You could set it up as an inviting, private office area and make extra $ from your spare space.

If you are interested in taking more steps towards this then follow this link to find out more.

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