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How to make the most out of your SpareBizSpace listing

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How to make the most out of your SpareBizSpace listing

When listing:

Suitability: have suggestions around proposed venue suitability is it a Hot Desk, Office Space, Meeting Space, BizInnovatonSpace, Conference Space, Board Room Space, Retreat Space, Kitchen Space, WarehouseSpace, PopupSpace, Retail Space,Co working Space, Prototypes development space or open land space.

Use good images other events in your SpareBizSpace that may give future Guests an Idea and feel for your available Business space.

Capacity.  Tell what capacity your space has for the marketed need: space4meeting, space4conference, space4team.  How many people can fit into your sparebizspace.

Add a map of your sparebizspace in the information area.

Accessibility describe the location of your sparebizspace to maximise your spacespace booking.  Is it centrally located in a CBD or in the suburbs, is it a country retreat community, or a local shopping strip.

Accommodation: Do you have nearby accommodation your space: Where are the nearest hotels, motels or suitable lodging accommodation within reasonable distance of your sparebizspace.

Transport: Where are the nearest transport facilities from Taxi ranks, to buses, trains or trams, what are the availability and expenses of taxi or ubers services.

Parking: describe that parking availability or parking centre location.

Outer or adjoining venues or spaces or other opportunities, other attractions nearby when they are open either pre or pose to events, other networking opportunity’s, pools, VIP lounges, restaurants, walking facilities or parks.

Staff and concierge support: Tell your potential Guests about availability of staff or concierge to support them or their event or meeting.  Is their an event or facilities coordinator or designee to assist with any issues that arise.

Equipment in your SpareBizSpace:  What is included eg. Audio visual equipment, stages, white boards, microphones.  Let your potential Guests know the capacity and specification for seating.

Technical: do you offer WiFi for attendees. So helpful with getting to site with flat phones or computers to find it is easy to plug in.

Floor Plans: upload a floor plan to help Guests booking to be able to plan their event or meeting prior to being on site in your sparebizspace.

Catering: Note availability of food and beverages on or off site.  Upload menus etc.

Create your own branding for your venue so Guests remember and can find you on our site.

Consider your target market budget constraints, as with any marketing match your pricing to your preferred target market.  Although through SpareBizSpace we encourage innovation in sites and uses.

In Preparation for use- prepare your sparebizspace for the best outcome:

Clean and tidy

Water Judges and glasses.

Clear bathroom facilities

Equipment in good working order

Add a little extra greenery or flowers.

Insure the space has a nie aroma.

Use our booking pack _ Coasters, Table picece Rating cards etc.

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