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Where does it come from?

  • Your SpareBizSpace provides you with a one stop shop for Home Based Business’s, startups, event coordinators, mobile workforce looking for SpareBizSpace  all on the one platform.  No need to search through a multitude of different sites.
  • Your SparebizSpace provides you with a one stop shop to list your SpareBizSpace for those looking to hire your SpareBizSpace.
  • We do the marketing, SEO, Google advertising and site promotion with your security in mind.  Our aim is to integrate with your system.
  • We notify you of your booking and
  • We are a payment gateway.

Who can I talk too?

SpareBizSpace is available on line during business hours via the online chat or phone number.

How do I make the most of our Listing

SpareBizSpace provides both SpareBizSpace FAQs and SpareBizSpace How to make the most our of your SpareBizSpace Listing suggestions?

How do we find a listing

Search the type of venue you are looking for and the region you want. If there are no listings in an area you are searching for,  please feel free to contact us

What kind of photos should I upload?

When you sign up, we ask you to upload photos of your SpareSpace. This is because we know our target market loves photos and as much detail as they can when looking for a space2hire. We suggest that you upload photos that showcase the facilities you have to hire. Photos of both the inside area and surrounding the facilities. You don’t need professional photos smartphones will give your prospective guests a good idea. However you may portray a better image if you use professional photography. Contact SpareBizSpace if you require a professional Photographer.

When will my facility/space go online?

Once you have become a member and your information has been verified we will send you an email with the next steps to list your property. Again, when your facility has been verified you will be able to publish when you are ready. We work on verifying all memberships and facilities ASAP our KPI is 2 working days.

Why do you take commission?

  • Our aim is to market our online platform nationwide, we actively market our website for your benefit. We list on Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc to attract a global audience, exposing you to the highest possible traffic and potential clients.
  • We are continually improvinging our website platform for integration and security.
  • Instant confirmation – all bookings made through SpareBizSpace are instantly yours less our commission.
  • All booking Guests have a verification identification process to become members of the site.
  • On line chat and phone support.

How much commission will I pay for using SpareBizSpace.

There is no fee for becoming a member of the site. You will only pay commission on booking confirmation. That commission is currently 13% flat rate as at 1 January 2018. This will be reviewed on a yearly basis and you will be notified of any changes.

Do I receive notification of my bookings

you will receive an instant email on booking confirmation.
How do Guests pay for their bookings:
Guests pay through our online payment platform with our payment commission is separated prior to your payment.

No show guests:

No problem you have been paid and we have been paid. If they have NOT made contact this may be a decision for your cancelation policy.

What happens in the case of property damage by Guests?

As a property owner you can request damage deposits from Guests on your listing. Deposits help cover any potential damage Guests may cause. We also suggest you have a Guest policy outline on your listing. If this is not sufficient and as our approval process both parties are required and nominate insurance policy numbers and copies of  insurance certificates of currencies.
WE also suggest you report to our team through our reporting and rating system.

What is the process for cancellations

You can set your own cancellation policies. Please read our cancellation Policy

If your question is not listed here please use our online chat help or phone use during business hours.