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Additional Strategies For You To Consider as Revenue Makers

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Additional Strategies For You To Consider as Revenue Makers

1. Offer Storage Space Rental

Do you have a great small business space that happens to have additional empty space? It could be a basement or even an empty unused garage. Consider offering this ample empty space as a storage space to select individuals or other businesses.

However, be picky. You don’t want every average Joe coming to your place of business asking to store his “stuff”. Develop a plan of how long your will lease your space for long or short term. Your arrangements could be made through word-of-mouth for such things as storing a local performing theater’s costumes, storing an extra vehicle for another company, or even allowing a non-profit to store extra materials for a tax advantage deal. You could register on such sites as

2. Share Your IT Space

Do you have a slick IT room for your server use? Consider offering a shelf and internet connection to other local businesses to house their internet server. Professional web hosting companies will house a server owned by another business, and it’s termed “co-location”. And you could do the same for another local business if you have the qualified IT space and staff to monitor it. This type of co-location arrangement could be a great and easy way to utilize your high-tech space and add revenue to your company. This is just another concept for www.sparebizspace.

The ideas listed here are just ideas that have been proven effective for many small business owners. Consider some of these and brainstorm your own. It is your duty as a small business owner to do the best you can to operate at full efficiency and sharing your space could be one of those ways. Visit for more ideas.

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